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We Love ♣️🏠, but its the spaces and conversations that get created that we're enamoured with. And that comes back to the mods. the chosen few who get to shape thoughts and lives.

The realization that moderators make the platform what it is was our first insight. Armed 💪 with the knowledge that moderators need to be empowered we started to listen deeply. and pay attention. What we heard was a world of great 🦈 intention on a platform that fostered connection ⛓️ and communication, but a lack of tools 🔨 in order to achieve their goals.

So we built yoyo.club as a place to host mod's schedules 📅. And then things got crazy 😜.

Mod after mod told us that this was the tool 🔨 they needed. Then Product Hunt, The Next Web 🌐 and Wired Agreed.

And our "first dancers" 💃 🕺 arrived and told their friends. And their friends told their friends. Then we were referred to as a verb (that was a fun day)

And then we started ✔️ to see things unfold ahead of us ✨🔥
... stay tuned!

🔥 About The Founders

In the early 90's Peter was at a trade show when he was handed a bright yellow flier talking about this new technology ... the world wide web. At that moment his trajectory was cemented in place.

From that moment Peter has been active in the digital space and involved in over 1,200 digital projects for some of the most impactful companies on the planet from passionate entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 companies and global charities to governments.

After starting and exiting 4 companies Peter is now living his ideal life .... helping individuals and companies that deserve to scale find the success that they deserve. Digital is an accelerant and it can make or break any mission.

Sean has hit a lot of highs in his 23 years of working for himself. He started two successful law firms, one of which he sold for seven figures. These days, he inspires other entrepreneurs to unleash their gifts through his integrity-based sales training, Unblinded. And Sean accomplished these things as his eyesight progressively deteriorated to the point where he's now legally blind.

Through Tony Robbins, Callagy learned how to control his fear, and he went through with quitting his job. His employers couldn't believe it — they even offered him psychological counseling. Nevertheless, Callagy decided to "... build my own law firm as an experiment to see if all this personal development type stuff works."

Fast forward to 2018, Callagy founded Unblinded, Callagy wasn't driven by money. "My dream is ... to have 100,000 people that work with me speak in front of a thousand people and truly be unleashing their gifts. And that's what Unblinded Mastery is about. For anybody seeking celebration of their business and making sales as a doctor, lawyer, coach, trainer — anybody." Although Sean Callagy has already achieved a great deal in the legal field, Unblinded may well be his most lasting legacy. The legally blind lawyer, Sean Callagy, freely offers his vision and perspective to help people achieve success in their own arenas.